How can we understand sound both as a force creating the world around us and as a medium that reflects knowledge about the world we live in?

In the course of this artistic research project, I intend to explore the means by which an acoustic listening approach can lead to a multidirectional form of social experiences, wherein the term ‘multidirectional’ refers to a form co-determined by many –subjects or actors, respectively– and by much – for instance, objects or contexts. This results in a form arising from movement or interaction, from the exchange with, the linking of, the delineation from and the permeability between various artistic disciplines. Eventually, I will investigate the possibilities of said artistic form to enable a critical and caring agency and alternative forms of narration. Naturally, a listening-sounding approach does not take place in isolation but in correlation with other senses or media; it involves interaction, circulation, shifts and fractures or re-configurations.

With ‘SOUNDING RESEARCH’, I will analyse and express the sensuality of social interaction not only as the result of my thinking but as a form of my thinking itself, to ask questions which can only be answered in an artistic way. In doing so, I will apply my interest to a spatial, non-linear, multi-perspective narrative form as part of my performative artistic research, deepen it and focus on understanding both learning and mediation as a sonic act, as the correlation of different sensual experiences and, thus, as multi-modal.

By applying the method of both artistic research as situated listening as well as artistic practice as sonic act, I will employ the performative format of the ‘Audio Paper’ for publications during the research process and for a broader research framework. (Ricarda Denzer)

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Ronda Zheng 1993 - 1997

Echo, or Deviating the Original 2018