The Sounding Research Session #1 is a collective happening considering space as a catalyst, a framework for our thoughts and speculations, to express a form of situatedness simultaneously inside and outside of where and how we listen and of experiencing artistic thinking as sonic act.

Sounding Research aims at exploring in how far an acoustic listening approach to the world can lead to a multitude of social experiences.In practice, a distinct artistic format arises from movement or interaction, from the exchange with, the linking of, the delineation from and the permeability between various artistic disciplines.

Eventually, the possibilities of said format will be investigated to allow for a critical and caring agency as well as for alternative ways of narration. With this performative approach, I intend to analyse and deepen the practice of listening through form-finding, both textually and spatially in connection with the concept of collectivity. On that account, the performative format of the ‘Audio Paper’ is central to this publication.

Following an action-oriented approach to the method of artistic research in relation to situated listening, I engage with art education as sonic act by way of experiment and design, using audio papers for a broader research framework.

The material manifestation of the acoustic search movement as performative research is part of a working process which consists of several elements. One of the latter is to convey art in class through artistic means and to make it accessible for students.

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